Elemental Manual Meridian Theory and Techniques


16 Modules + BONUS Complete Case Study


  • 16 CEUs/ PDAs issued by NCTBMB and NCCAOM, continuing medical education, from developer Nicole Rachelle Keane, MS LMT BCTMB. Nicole is an accredited CEU/PDA provider with over 20 years of hands on practical experience, as well as over 25 years of deep study within: Anatomy, Physiology, Physics, Systems Theory, and various paths of Asian philosophy and healing traditions.
  •  A 500+ page detailed manual of information and professional illustrations on the anatomy and physiology of the Wood Element.
  • Learn at your own pace online. Learn on your own time. The delivery of material is broken up into easily digested and assimilated modules. *Required quizzes will be given at the end of each module, if receiving credit for the course. If you are not taking the course for credit, you do not have to take the tests.*
  •  Detailed written descriptions and video demonstrations, of the EMMTs of the Wood Element. These include 35 techniques of the Head and Neck, 13 techniques of the Abdomen, and 5 techniques below the Pelvis.
  •  Licensed Netter Anatomy Illustrations from the Atlas of Human Anatomy 7th Edition; well organized and accessible for easy study. No need to buy the Netter book, or flip through hundreds of pages to find the right plate!!
  •  18 specific Acupoint combinations relative to harmonizing the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), within the Wood Element.
  •  Detailed descriptions of the anatomy, physiology, and the energetic attributions of 70 global acupoints associated with harmonizing the ANS, and tonifying the resilience of the Wood Element.
  •  Discussion of the Polyvagal Theory relative to clinical practice within the Wood Element.
  •  Introduction to the Safe and Sound Listening Protocol (SSP).
  •  Information and suggestions on practice integration and medical billing.
  •  Class material was created with 162+ references including: books, journal articles, peer reviewed medical studies, video links, website links. Many inspirational and artistic quotes from practitioners and observers on the leading edge of integrative study are also integrated into the class.