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Each module has a quiz that must be passed in order to move to the next module. Once you have passed the quiz for a particular module, that material will stay unlocked for your reference, as you continue with the curriculum. At the end of the curriculum, you must complete a worksheet and Final exam before receiving your completion certificate. The final exam is a compilation of module quiz questions. Enjoy your learning!

Downloads of the Final exam questions are available by clicking on these links. Feel free to use these documents as study material, while you are taking the course. Note that these Final exams are specific to each credentialing organization.

Study Material: NCBTMB NO ANSWERS Wood Element Final Exam

Study Material: NCCAOM NO ANSWERS Wood Element Final Exam

I highly recommend having Reiki attunements to add to your experience, as well as your abilities to integrate the material presented in the EMMT curriculum. You may, on your own, seek out a Reiki program that meets your needs, or you are welcome to watch the entire three-level Reiki program for free on the “International School Of Reiki Free Reiki Course” Youtube channel, or their web address:

The Japanese traditions of energy assessment and healing are highlighted within this curriculum, and knowledge of the Reiki tradition will add to your experience. Please do not rush through the class levels within this channel, unless you are already a highly attuned Reiki practitioner or Reiki Master and would like to watch the content to enhance your understanding of Reiki. If you are new to Reiki, I recommend following all of the guidance given in these classes, and following your intuition on the timing of your flow through the three levels that are available on the channel.

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